…an expres­sion of affir­ma­tive excite­ment and joy, usu­al­ly as a reply to good news. Can also be used as greet­ing.
This def­i­n­i­tion from the urban dic­tio­nary per­fect­ly express­es the over­ar­ch­ing theme of this year’s instal­la­tion.

When psy­chol­o­gists use the word joy, what they mean is an intense, momen­tary expe­ri­ence of pos­i­tive emo­tion — one that makes us smile and laugh and feel like we want to jump up and down. It’s dif­fer­ent than hap­pi­ness, which mea­sures how good we feel over time. Joy is about feel­ing good in the moment, right now.” (quote: Ingrid Fetell Lee)

Intent of the instal­la­tion is to visu­al­ize a “pos­i­tive-vibes-only” feel­ing and offer the vis­i­tor a moment of visu­al plea­sure and joy. Espe­cial­ly these days it’s impor­tant to remain opti­mistic — design­ers are (all too) often con­front­ed with the call to solve small and large ‘prob­lems’; and some­times even ‘threats’. This may lead to a neg­a­tive emo­tion­al state and (even) depres­sion. With this instal­la­tion we invite the vis­i­tor to also focus on the pos­i­tive sen­ti­ment around us… focus on being joy­ful and to illus­trate the zest for life.

ba hoe instal­la­tion by stu­dio mo man tai dur­ing Dutch Design Week 2018, from 20 till 28 Octo­ber in Eind­hoven, at Area 51/040 BMX; Stri­jp-S